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People think communicating is just talking, but the real focus is how and what we say, even to ourselves. Schedule an appointment to enhance your communication skills with others and to improve your self-talk.


We long to feel connected to our loved ones. It seems the harder we try to get close, the more distance and disconnect we feel. Together, let’s begin to reconnect and reshape your relationships.


Each of us wants to feel like our desires, hopes and dreams are supported, encouraged and honor. Let me be your coach and I can help you create, work towards and accomplish your life’s dreams and goals.

Welcome to Lemieux Solutions Unlimited

Providing Counseling & Coaching Services in the Coral Springs & Fort Lauderdale Areas


Thank you for taking a moment to connect with me by checking out my website. Working with a therapist is one of the most important personal and professional investments you will make in your life. Choosing the right person and method for your needs requires you to do your homework. Knowledge with action is power and you’ve taken the first step on a positive path of growth and well-being to create a more powerful, happy and fulfilled life.

I encourage you to watch my videos and read my blogs in order to learn more about me.  My website will give you an overview of my counseling services, as well as an idea of my philosophies, backgrounds, experiences, style, and commitment to the individuals, couples and families that I work with. If you have specific questions or are ready to get started, please contact me through my website or call 954-401-9011.

My main office is located in Coral Springs and my other office is in Fort Lauderdale.


Couple, Individual & Teen Counseling

“I recognize now that the counseling sessions really made an impact for me in being able to handle this next phase in stride, so I wanted to thank you again!”


“Attending therapy was excellent and relationship saving.  It was a safe environment. I felt like you were always able to be on each of our sides at the same time.  We learned to listen for feelings and take appropriate breaks when things got tough.”

Saved Our Marriage
Saved Our Marriage

“Our experience with Katie was amazing! Every visit we learned new techniques & methods!  Katie is relatable & made us feel comfortable to approach her about topics we’ve never shared with anyone else!”

Ready for an Amazing Marriage
Ready for an Amazing Marriage

“Our experience with you was freeing. You had us talk through our issues and made it easier to fix them with great solutions. We were able to find better ways to communicate.”

Back on Track
Back on Track

“Couples counseling was an eye opening experience. You have a non-judgmental approach, and I gained information about The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Thank-you you are Awesome!”

Forever Appreciative
Forever Appreciative

“I recommend you and truly appreciate you and what we were able to help me accomplish it was amazingly productive and enlightening.  I felt comfortable and trust you. You were laid back, allowed me to talk through things and helped me understand where I could make changes.  I learned how to self-coach and self-check.  Thank you for everything.”

Back in Texas Where My Heart Is
Back in Texas Where My Heart Is

“I can not thank you enough for helping me find me again. I can honestly say I am happy. I am a strong women-on my way to becoming that independent person I want to be.  Thank you again for guiding me to find me.  You guided me to dig deep and not be afraid to feel.”

Finding Me
Finding Me

“You were able to get our issues out on the table and open communications easily.  I liked that you were straight forward and honest.  The question games were fun and showed me tips on how to better communicate with a teenager!”

Mom of a 2 Teen Boys
Mom of a 2 Teen Boys

“You helped us change our thought process, and you helped everyone understand where each other was coming from.  I realized my daughter needed to hear me say things more rather than my actions showing her. ”

Mother of Teen Getting Ready for College
Mother of Teen Getting Ready for College

“I enjoyed our sessions with you. You made me feel at ease and hopeful, that maybe we could get back to where we once were in our relationship. My husband was a little skeptical at first, because “talking” is not his thing but you somehow managed to get more out of him that I ever do. He told me yesterday he was looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks again!!”

~ Getting Back to Where We Once Were
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