The Best Kind of Therapy for…

I started off writing this blog as, “The Best Kind of Therapy for Children” and then I realized this could be a great therapy for anyone. I arrived at my office today and parked in the back parking lot as I usually do.  As I stepped out of my car and gathered my bags to […]


Preventing Sexual Abuse in Children

How do we go about preventing childhood abuse, bullying, and dangers children face? If you ask me, I think Cherie Benjoseph, LCSW and Sally Berenzweig, MEd, MA, Founders of Kidsafe Foundation are on to a GREAT concept. I was able to attend Cherie’s training on April 17th, 2013. I was able to easily utilize the books […]


Family Counseling & “Collaborative Divorce”???

Are you asking yourself the same thing… What is a “Collaborative Divorce”?  Does it almost seem unheard of?  Well it is possible. Look around, you probably know at least one person (probably many more) who has gone through a divorce. That person may have started out with a family similar to yours (husband, wife, kids, […]


Parental Alienation – When Having a Marriage and Family Therapist is Important

The National Parents Organization put out a great article on a change coming out in the DSM V – Diagnostic Statics Manual for mental health diagnoses and disorders. According to the article in the new DSM V it addresses Parental Alienation. This is a huge advance in the world of systems. Parental Alienation is being defined as […]


Stress Management – Teen Style

Here are some pictures of recent events that we did. May 4th – “Teen Success Conference” – we want to thank – Karlene for inviting us!      


Stress Management at Work – The 100 Day Burpee Challenge

So this inspiring Stress Management Technique came to us from 2 good friends – Rusty & Roxy. Roxy decided to take on “The 100 Day Burpee Challenge” – she is on day 46.  The idea is to work up to doing 100 burpees by adding 1 more each day. Rusty decided to join her. I […]


Couples or Family Counseling with Only 1 Person is like…

… putting together a puzzle with only the “flat” or “outside” pieces to make a border. If you take away the “inside pieces” and picture on the box you lose perspective, solutions, and the sum of all its parts. It often also takes a lot longer to finish a puzzle when only one person is […]


Stress Management – Crazy Smile & Squish

“Smile and Squish” So, are you wondering about this crazy smile picture…you should be!  I would wonder too! At the expense of myself this is my way of bringing some STRESS MANAGEMENT to your day.   View the video below and Karyn Buxman will share with you how you too can smile like this, de-stress and ward […]


Stress Management – 25 Ways to Have Fun and Chillax

“How Do You Get a Tissue to Dance???” 25 Fun Ways to Chillax: So, I know you are curious to know how you get a tissue to dance!  Well Jessica, 5 years old told me, “you put a little boogie in it.”  I giggled too, and that is EXACTLY what today’s newsletter is ALL about.  How to […]


Stress Management – The Chocolate Meditation

“HELP… I am STRESSED Out!!!” *Chocolate Meditation: Don’t have time to meditate or even want to???  You might want to try this one on for size.  I often do this exercise in my Empowerment Workshops as well as Stress Management Workshops when working with large groups, agencies, or companies. 1.  Grab a small piece of chocolate – it […]

transgender suicide

Transgendered Youth & Suicide – “Comfortable N UR Skin”

There’s 19 million transgender people and 50% attempt suicide before the age of 20… meet one who’s standing so that the others don’t have to struggle. An inspiring video designed to alter what’s considered normal in our society and provide a space for everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. A fundraiser was held […]


Marriage and Couples Counseling – Shifting the Anatomy of an Argument

This comes from our work with couples and families. All couples and families argue and many of them have tried different things but they seem to talk about and discuss the same argument over and over. Seeing we do couples and family counseling often we have created and suggested shaking things up.  Here are some of […]


Are You Your Best Mate?

Are You Your Best Mate? Yes, I will wait while you grab a pen, paper, open up a document in Word…. 1.  Make a List: So, whether you a married, dating, or single make a list of your “ideal” mate. 2.  Be Specific: on what you want. Examples: “loves Thai food, likes roller coasters, has […]