Couples or Family Counseling with Only 1 Person is like…

… putting together a puzzle with only the “flat” or “outside” pieces to make a border.

If you take away the “inside pieces” and picture on the box you lose perspective, solutions, and the sum of all its parts. It often also takes a lot longer to finish a puzzle when only one person is working on it. When you add other people to work together on the puzzle they sometimes see things differently than you. They conceptualize the pieces different, view things from a different angle, and offer alternative options, suggestions and opinions. Working together often gets the job done quicker with more solutions, less time, and more effectiveness.

By Katie Lemieux

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Stress Management – Crazy Smile & Squish


“Smile and Squish”

So, are you wondering about this crazy smile picture…you should be!  I would wonder too! At the expense of myself this is my way of bringing some STRESS MANAGEMENT to your day.   View the video below and Karyn Buxman will share with you how you too can smile like this, de-stress and ward off any people at work you are not wanting to deal with at the moment.


*The side effects to watching this video and implementing the technique are laughter, good humor, and a pleasant day!

By Katie Lemieux

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Stress Management – 25 Ways to Have Fun and Chillax

“How Do You Get a Tissue to Dance???”

25 Fun Ways to Chillax:

So, I know you are curious to know how you get a tissue to dance!  Well Jessica, 5 years old told me, “you put a little boogie in it.”  I giggled too, and that is EXACTLY what today’s newsletter is ALL about.  How to add a few minutes of fun, humor, relaxation, and giggles to your day!


1.  Wear a butterfly headband, with big plastic purple glasses, and a whistle mustache!

2.  Office Olympics – you and your co-worker go shot for shot. All’s you need is paper and a trash can.

3.  After lunch dance break. This worked like a charm during a training I had. It was 40 hours of TRAINING which can put anyone over the edge. I was doing Day 4 of the training, and I knew that after lunch everyone is paying close attention to their eyelids staying open rather than anything I was saying, so I plugged my ipod into the speaker and we had after lunch Macarena. The trainees loved it. Our Human Resource department saw us doing it on the cameras and one of our HR ladies came and participated!

4.  Fun jokes – During my 8 years of management my team and I would play silly jokes on one another, always in good fun.   Some of them were turning desks around, leaving silly messages, toilet papering a desk for a celebration…

5.  Change it – change your shoes, shirt, even hairdo during the day. It can give you a feel of refreshment.

6.  You Tube your favorite comedian for a few minutes of laughs.



8.  Water balloons, so much fun!  You can do this with your kids, significant other, etc.  Best done outside, just saying!

9.  Have an “Attitude of Gratitude” – is your mood sour? quickly write down 10 or more things you are grateful for and watch your demeanor shift.

10.  Trim the fat… are you like me, so many fun things to do and so many opportunities you want to take them all one?  Ask yourself: is this in alignment with what I am up to?  Does this leave me feeling good?  If you answered “yes” then keep going.  If you answered “no”…

11.  Say “no” – we all have the same amount of time, saying “yes” to “be nice” or that is what you “should do” can get you into some trouble.  Doing things because you should do them, can leave you feeling frustrated and possibly resentful.

12.  Power Outage – pretend for 1 night there is a power outage in your home!  No TV, no microwave, NO COMPUTER, what would you do?  Get creative spend time with your kids, loved one, pet…

13.  “You do the Hokey Pokey  and you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about.”  Dance Break!

14.  Thumb Wrestle contest – may the best thumb win!

15.  Workplace Superlatives – FUN!  Give certificates and prizes, even better!

16.  Take a timeout for what you are passionate about.

17.  Game Night

18.  Take a nap, even a 15 minute cat nap.  I remember a time I was feeling exhausted!  I would shut my office door and lay across my chairs for 15 minutes.  It would help me manage the rest of the day.

19.  Snuggle – your loved one, child, pet, etc.

20.  “Silence is a virtue” – schedule a time for silence even just 5 minutes.

21.  “Elvis has left the building” – Go take a walk

22.  Get your jammies on, build a fort in your living room and tell scary stories with a flashlight, snacks are a MUST!

23.  Laugh Line – love this one – get 5 or more people.  The first person lays down on the ground on his/her back, the next with his/her head on the previous person’s stomach, and all others lay on someones stomach.  The giggling will start and it won’t stop.

24.  Ice Cream Social – create an ice cream social, everyone brings an ingredient to share.

25.  Do something fun you have never done before – paddle boarding, go paint balling, ride a go kart…

By Katie Lemieux