Parental Alienation – When Having a Marriage and Family Therapist is Important

The National Parents Organization put out a great article on a change coming out in the DSM V – Diagnostic Statics Manual for mental health diagnoses and disorders. According to the article in the new DSM V it addresses Parental Alienation.

This is a huge advance in the world of systems. Parental Alienation is being defined as the impact that parents have on their children by alienating them from the other parent. This most often happens in bitter divorces, when one parent has strong resentment towards the other, etc.

Parental Alienation according to the article is “Parental alienation is a mental condition in which a child  usually one whose parents are engaged in a high-conflict separation or divorce allies strongly with one parent and refuses without good cause to have a relationship with the other parent. This process takes place when a parent or caregiver encourages the child rejection of the other parent. Parental alienation is driven by the false belief that the rejected parent is evil, dangerous, or not worthy of affection.”

You can read more by going to the article.

If this has occurred to you or someone you know getting a Marriage and Family Therapist or a therapist skilled in family therapy or systems therapy can be very beneficial. Also involving the legal system to court order therapy requiring both parents to participate can be beneficial as well. If you have further questions on how we can be helpful to you please contact us 954-401-9011.

by Katie Lemieux

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Stress Management – Teen Style

Here are some pictures of recent events that we did.

May 4th – “Teen Success Conference” – we want to thank – Karlene for inviting us!


Necessary items for Stress Management Workshop Training



Fellow Colleague, LMFT, and friend – Tahnee Mendez with me at the Teen Success Conference.



“I am….” Name Badges – Who are you? “I am” are 2 of the most POWERFUL words in the English language.  They can be greatly positive, effluental, hurtful or negative – Choose wisely what you say after, “I AM…”



Teen Workshop – “Power Up” – A Powerful Way for Teens to Impact Stress.


Stress Management at Work – The 100 Day Burpee Challenge

So this inspiring Stress Management Technique came to us from 2 good friends – Rusty & Roxy.

Roxy decided to take on “The 100 Day Burpee Challenge” – she is on day 46.  The idea is to work up to doing 100 burpees by adding 1 more each day.

Rusty decided to join her.


I was so inspired after seeing these fun pictures (notice the smile on Rusty’s face – perhaps he is only at 1) that I got off my computer and did 20 myself!  It got the juices flowing, released and relaxed the muscles and lifted the brain fog from sitting at the computer for the past 4 hours.


Thanks Rusty & Roxy for this fun

at work and anywhere brief, quick, no assembly required STRESS MANAGEMENT tool!!!!

Let us know if you decide to take on “The 100 Day Burpee Challenge” and the results that you got!

Please share with us other fun Stress Management tips you do!

By Katie Lemieux

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