The Best Kind of Therapy for…

I started off writing this blog as, “The Best Kind of Therapy for Children” and then I realized this could be a great therapy for anyone.

I arrived at my office today and parked in the back parking lot as I usually do.  As I stepped out of my car and gathered my bags to head up and see clients, over the concrete wall I heard, “One, Two, Three… Ready or not here I come.” Either I have been inside for way too many years OR kids really aren’t playing nostalgic games like “hide-and-seek”, tag, or any other games we played when we were kids.  Playing these games is more than just nostalgic.  Kids playing outside have several if not more benefits: they breathe clean and fresh air, they get physical and run around, they get creative making up rules to games, the negotiate and work things out – “that is not how we play it…”, and most important they unplug from the TV, computer, video games, etc.

So whether you are an adult or child why not gather up the neighborhood and play some good ole fashion “hide-and-seek” , tag, “Kick the Can”, “Capture the Flag”, or one of my favorites we used to play with my mom, “What Time is it Mr. Fox?”

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Preventing Sexual Abuse in Children

How do we go about preventing childhood abuse, bullying, and dangers children face?

If you ask me, I think Cherie Benjoseph, LCSW and Sally Berenzweig, MEd, MA, Founders of Kidsafe Foundation are on to a GREAT concept.

I was able to attend Cherie’s training on April 17th, 2013. I was able to easily utilize the books we got at the workshop with the children I work with and their parents. It helped them create a common language around safety.

preventing+child+abuse *If you look closely I am in the second row, second from the right.

They are strong in their message that childhood abuse can be reduced by teaching and educating kids, parents, and child caring providers i.e. schools, Child Protective Services, teachers, therapists, foster caring agencies, camp counselors, etc to be “KidSafe”.

Their Mission: “Our mission is to bring Education programs and materials to children and adults to Prevent Child Abuse, Bullying and Internet Safety Dangers. Our goal is to give children a voice and  empower adults to be the first line of defense in their child’s safety.

Their concepts, ideas, techniques, and teachings are simple, palatable and easy to implement. Cherie is a great trainer – funny, charismatic, and serious about her message.

Their trainings, classes and workshops teach children and the adults who love and care for them to have clear specific rules, like “check first”. It also teaches kids to empower themselves around secret keeping, listening to their safety voice, and identifying their circle of safe adults.

Their training is a need for children and families across all cultures.

For more information on their mission and agency go to www.KidSafeFoundation.org

by Katie Lemieux

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Family Counseling & “Collaborative Divorce”???

Are you asking yourself the same thing…

What is a “Collaborative Divorce”?  Does it almost seem unheard of?  Well it is possible.

Look around, you probably know at least one person (probably many more) who has gone through a divorce. That person may have started out with a family similar to yours (husband, wife, kids, house). Just because this is so does not mean that your divorce will look like theirs. Maybe the person you know had a highly contentious, litigated divorce.  Maybe this person is still in court, fighting his or her former spouse, long after the divorce was officially “finished”. Maybe this person’s children are really suffering because mom and dad cannot get it together and learn to co-parent. Maybe this is not how you want your divorce (and your post-divorce family) to look.  Maybe you want a different way to go through this process. There is a different way, it is called Collaborative Divorce.

Hopefully, you have lots of support as you go through this difficult time, family, friends, co-workers, a therapist.  Maybe many of these people are telling you how you should go about your divorce (“take him to the cleaners” “cut her off at the knees” “keep the kids from him” “threaten to take the kids from her”). Maybe this is not how you want to write your divorce.  Maybe this is not how you want to go about this process.  Maybe you want to get beyond your anger, hurt, mistrust, feelings of deception and bitterness towards your spouse and move on with your life. Maybe you want your kids to have the freedom to love both of their parents.  Maybe you want to take away the good things from your marriage and learn from the not-so-good things.  If so, write your own divorce.  Do what is right for you and your family.  Don’t listen to those who tell you how it should be.  You can find out more about having a “Collaborative Divorce” by contacting Carolann Mazza, Esq., 954-527-4604 or CLICK HERE to visit her website and watch a video as Carolann talks about “Collaborative Law” to see if “Collaborative Divorce” it is a right fit for you.

*blog submitted by Carolann Mazza, Esq.


As you move through the process of your divorce it can be helpful to have a marriage and family therapist involved to ease the separation for all parties, help with the co-parenting process, and work out any issues that are still left over after the divorce process. Lemieux Solutions Unlimited, LLC does just that. We would be happy to help you with this life transition.

by Katie Lemieux

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