The Best Kind of Therapy for…

I started off writing this blog as, “The Best Kind of Therapy for Children” and then I realized this could be a great therapy for anyone.

I arrived at my office today and parked in the back parking lot as I usually do.  As I stepped out of my car and gathered my bags to head up and see clients, over the concrete wall I heard, “One, Two, Three… Ready or not here I come.” Either I have been inside for way too many years OR kids really aren’t playing nostalgic games like “hide-and-seek”, tag, or any other games we played when we were kids.  Playing these games is more than just nostalgic.  Kids playing outside have several if not more benefits: they breathe clean and fresh air, they get physical and run around, they get creative making up rules to games, the negotiate and work things out – “that is not how we play it…”, and most important they unplug from the TV, computer, video games, etc.

So whether you are an adult or child why not gather up the neighborhood and play some good ole fashion “hide-and-seek” , tag, “Kick the Can”, “Capture the Flag”, or one of my favorites we used to play with my mom, “What Time is it Mr. Fox?”

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