I Was Told to Leap…

So there I am… standing at the place of decision, fear, and ambiguity.  On this side is certainty, comfort and familiarity.  Sound familiar?

In 2012, I kept getting this message…


I finally chose to listen, and I was scared.

The decision I was faced with was leaving a company I was employed at for 11 years to pursue my own business, be my own boss, and fulfill my own dreams.

I walked to the edge, looked out in the fog and didn’t see the net.  I pulled back, hesitant and wanted to just go back to what I knew.  I had to push myself.  In order to hold myself accountable to my goal I started telling people I was leaving.  On the outside I declared it with such certainty, on the inside I was filled with such doubt.

I still wasn’t fully ready for the decision I was making but knew it was time.  For about 6 weeks I had trouble breathing, convinced it was from a cold I just couldn’t kick I headed to the doctor.  After a regimen of medicine and no results, I was clear it was my anxiety about this HUGE life decision .

On November 30th 2012, I walked to the edge, took a deep breath, and leapt!   For several months my monkey mind reeked havoc on my decision.  Convinced at times that the net wasn’t there, I wanted to pack it all in and go back to being someone’s employee, but I pushed through.

I just hit a huge milestone in my goals and dreams.  After 8 months of leaving my job I have TRIPLED my weekly income.  To give you a perspective, it took me 11 years, and I didn’t even double my income being an employee.

I share this personal story with you because my goal is helping people fulfill on their dreams.  I look forward to helping you pursue what is important to you!

Give us a call 954-401-9011 or drop us an email Katie@familyandcouplescounseling.com  to start the process… don’t wait 11 years when it can take 8 months.

by Katie Lemieux

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