What is Life Coaching?

My nature as a person is team oriented.  I LOVE teamwork, more gets accomplished when everyone works together.  I am successful in life and business because of the people that believe in me, support me, and vice versa.

I love to collaborate and support others in achieving their hopes and dreams.  I invited Sophie Skover to do an interview on Life Coaching.  She is another professional and colleague in the field.  I wanted to give her a little space to share her vision, philosophies, ideas, and her work.  Read the interview below.


Life Coaching may be your answer!

Katie: “Sophie, can you share with the audience your idea of life coaching.”

Sophie: “Life Coaching is a modern method of self-development that works with the conscious mind to help you map out what you want out of life.  Just like in sports, a coach can see the whole game, while the player is making the individual moves.  This dynamic allows for great forward movement and create an action plan of changing what doesn’t work and increasing what does.”

Katie: “What can people expect to work on with a Life Coach?”

Sophie: “Well, life continuously provides us with information and messages.  When we do not listen, the messages often turn into problems.  When we do not face the problems, they can turn into a crisis.  When the crisis is left unresolved, we have chaos all over our lives.  Life Coaching is about learning to live on the level of information and messages and our goal at LSS Harmony is to help you find solutions for your:

  • Life: Set achievable goals and stick to them.
  • Weight: Overcome weight issues, create a healthy eating plan, and conquer irrational food cravings
  • Relationships: Create the relationships you want, transform the ones you don’t.
  • Loss: Heal from loss and gracefully rebuild your life.
  • Clutter: Organize your space to eliminate clutter, chaos and stress.
  • Social Life: Overcome social nervousness and practice new techniques in social settings.
  • Negativity: Overcome anger, fear, and worry by learning to transform limited thinking habits.”

Katie: “Wow, Sophie that is great you cover a lot of areas.”

Sophie: “Katie, LSS Harmony also conducts 3 Corporate Programs as well:

  • Professional Development Workshop
  • Leadership Workshop
  • Team Building Program”

Katie: “Sophie, I would love to hear your opinion on what you see the difference between therapy and life coaching is?”

Sophie: “The way I like to describe the difference between these two self-development approaches is that therapy helps you look back on your life and answers the question how did I get to where I am today.  While, life coaching has you look forward and answers the question, where do I want to go.  Both modalities are beneficial and have a very important place in people’s healing journeys.”

Katie: “Interesting perspective AND post modern therapists, marriage and family therapists in particular, are trained very much as you describe a life coach.  Therapists who utilize solution-focused brief therapy focus on the present and future utilizing clients resources and strengths helping them achieve what they want.”

Katie: “Sophie is located in the West Palm Beach area and she offers a complimentary first session, so you can get a feel for her work and discover if it is a good fit for you.”

Katie: “I wanted to thank-you Sophie for taking the time to share with us about what you do!  You can find out more about Sophie below.”

https://codekidscamp.com/Sophie Skover – Life Coach and Author of “The Continuous Appetite.”

Sophie Skover is an author, holistic life coach, and inspirationalspeaker, who is passionate about working with others to achieve more peace and harmony in their lives. Although she was not always this way, thirteen years ago she was depressed, suicidal, bulimic and seventy-five pounds overweight.  Her life was so down in the dumps, she didn’t even want to live. Then, one day she discovered life coaching and began to change her life.  It was as if someone put the sparkle back into inner diamond and made her feel alive again.  She loves the work she does, and now sees it as her purpose and passion to help you re-discover your sparkle and lust for life! Sophie started her own company, LSS Harmony: Coaching & Consulting five years ago and is still going strong. She encourages us to face our inner self and turn our obstacles into opportunities!

LSS Harmony Life Coaching

P. 561-252-4800
E. Sophie@lssharmony.com
W. www.lssharmony.com
Blog. https://lssharmony.blogspot.com/ https://sophie-skover.blogspot.com/
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Interview with Sophie Skover

by Katie Lemieux

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