One of the Best Things About Having Family in Town During the Holidays

The holidays bring much joy, laughs, love, and they can also bring frustration, confusion, holiday stress, and if you are like me a slightly snug waist band as I sample “just one more” holiday treat.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist although many of my clients are taking time off and going on vacations spending time away with family, I have other clients who remain in town and whose family members are coming to spend time with them. I love any opportunity to include others in therapy. Having other people in session creates such richness and healing for people. It often creates an opportunity for clients to further expand their repertoire of solutions. By sharing the therapy experience with others, clients open up a door to further growth as they look to understand alternate ideas, ideals, perspectives, and solutions. I have had the pleasure this week of working with several clients and their “out of town” family members doing just this. It was an honor for me to be their guide as I helped them to unblock stuck and unresolved patterns, situations, and communications that often people are plagued with for years and even decades. It can be a magical experience like one that “Good Ole Saint Nic” provides.

Pictures of Vintage Real Santa Claus carrying gift sack

If you are currently in therapy or thinking about attending therapy don’t miss the golden opportunity of including a family member, friend or loved one to help facilitate and further your own growth. *WARNING – more closeness, communication, connection, and love may come along the way.  It truly can be the gift that keeps on giving!!!


If you would like more information on how we can be helpful to you in creating a long lasting gift you give to yourself, CONTACT US.

by Katie Lemieux

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