Navigating the Dating World in Your 30s, Searching for “The One”.

Lemieux Solutions Unlimited was super honored to receive “Dating Advice’s” award for “Top Ten Blogs” for a blog we previously wrote on communication.  “Dating Advice” asked if we would write a blog specifically for them on dating.

Here is an excerpt of the blog:

Are you in your 30s and getting tired of the dating scene? Are you dating to find The One? Do you want to settle down already?

I hit 30 and was committed to finding my life partner. I was tired of dating.

I wanted the commitment, a person I could lean on and experience life with, and I was frustrated about not finding The One.

It was Memorial Day weekend and I was spending it at a friend’s house. I remember sharing with my married friend how I was longing for finding my life partner…” to READ MORE Click Here. 


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