A Personal Story – To My Mom With Love On Mother’s Day

On Monday I was walking out of my private practice wondering, “what am I going to get my mom for Mother’s Day?” I am sure that many of you have been wondering that same thing.  I am not the type of person to “get something because it is a special day.” I like to do and buy things for people on a whim, as a surprise or just because, but I wanted to do something special for her. Then, it dawned on me…I am going to write a blog dedicated to my mom, so here it goes…

Like many mothers and daughters my mom and I didn’t always have the best relationship.  As one could imagine, there were many bumps, twists, and turns along the way, and now our relationship is as clear and beautiful as the island waters.   It took a lot of work, commitment and dedication on both our parts to make it smooth sailing to those tranquil, crystal, and blue waters.  We were committed to having an amazing relationship, and now we do!

My mom, just like many of yours (or those of you who have women that are like mothers) is an amazing person.  She is intelligent, giving, spiritual, dedicated, and loving.  She is devoted to making a difference in the lives of others, and she does.  She is funny, joyful, playful, and silly.  She loves life and dances in it.  She has always given me space to spread my wings and grow.  She is a great support, is ever present and always there.

Sometimes it is like I have my mom right in my pocket.  I am ALWAYS quoting her – in session, to my friends, and to others who in a moment might need to hear something that will empower them.  There are many of my mom’s quotes that I live by.  My clients often hear me say, “my mom says” or “my mom always said” or “one of the things my mom says is…”.

So, today I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my mother, and thank her for the AMAZING person she is, continues to become, and for all the things she has done for me in my life and continues to do.  Thank-you for allowing me to have the space to create who I am with your ever-present love and guiding support.  I love you and thank-you for loving me!

My mom and I
My mom and I

I ask you to take a moment and reflect on the amazing women in your life and share with them how special they are, how they have impacted you, and the specific things they have done or said to make a difference in your life!  To women, to mothers, to those who love and love us!  Have a beautiful Friday and weekend, thanks for reading!