How to Overcome Fear

Check out Katie Lemieux, LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist of “Lemieux Solutions Unlimited, LLC” and Sophie Frabotta – Certified Life Coach of “LSS Harmony” as they talk about how to overcome fear from their own personal experiences.

We all have fear, but how do we turn that fear into an opportunity for growth, possibilities and moving to the next level? Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Katie Lemieux says to meet it head on and go after it while Certified Life Coach, Sophie Skover Frabotta talks about creating and finding your courage when faced with fear. They share how facing your fear with courage advances you to the next level of growth – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Counselors and Life Coaches can assist you in moving through your fears into achieving your goals and dreams, so what are you waiting for? Is fear in your way…???

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