Deceased Loved Ones Are Near During Grief Group

street-sign-blankEveryone has their own beliefs about what happens when we die.  Many people believe that their loved ones live on in some way, form or fashion.  When our loved ones die many of us find comfort and noticing “signs” that they are still around.

As a therapist who facilitates grief groups I always enjoy hearing about the signs people experience that is an indication that their loved ones are still near.  I often hear about butterflies or a pesky bug that no matter where a person goes it just seems to be “following them”.

Last night during grief group one of our members was sharing about her husband.  She shared that her sign from him is rainbows and shortly after the song, “Over the Rainbow” came on, and she burst into tears stating that, “this song was played at his celebration”.  She knew in that moment he was there with us dropping by to say “hello”.

During our group in February the AC was broken, and it was a bit hot.  We were informed that the repair folks were coming tomorrow to fix it, a little too late for us.  Two of our participants were sharing stories about signs they have received from their loved ones in forms of electronic happenings.  I love one of our group members stories about the “unrepairable ice machine”.   Despite several attempts to fix the ice machine not only by the group member but also repair men coming to the house the line for the ice would continuously freeze creating an inability to have ice.  This occurred over 3 years of having the refrigerator.  After the group member’s loved one had died, the ice machine one day started working without any intervention, and it has been working ever since. So after all this talk off signs interestingly enough the room appeared much cooler as if the AC had repaired itself.  I don’t know what you believe but many believe someone’s loved one had been with us during our group, and most likely they will continue to come by revealing themselves, often in subtle ways.

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by Katie Lemieux