Leisa Wintz – Mediation and Divorce Options

Mediation Leisa WintzLeisa Wintz received a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Charleston in Psychology in 2000 and immediately took her first public interest job as a case manager for a family homeless shelter. It was here that she first had the opportunity to advocate for her clients and speak on their behalf. In 2003, she began law school at the University of Miami and interned during her 1st year at the 11th Circuit, Domestic Violence Division. During this time, she found that much of her work and that of the attorneys she worked with lacked client contact. Disappointed, she requested a leave of absence in order take a few months to explore other career alternatives. During this time, she discovered Marriage and Family Therapy and was fascinated by this new, holistic and systemic approach to helping families in crisis, so  entered into a master’s program.

After graduating with her Master’s Degree, she became the Director of Parenting and Juvenile Programs for a local forensic counseling agency. In this position she worked extensively within the family, dependency and domestic violence court systems as an expert witness, court appointed evaluator, and court appointed group and individual therapist. While working in this capacity, she returned to and completed law school.

Immediately upon completion of her law degree, she began running the Broward Teen Advocacy Project (BTAP) through Coast to Coast Legal Aid. While running BTAP, Leisa had the opportunity to represent and advise over 200 family law and domestic violence cases in Broward County. It was a crash course in legal advocacy and an invaluable training tool for litigating, negotiating, and resolving family legal disputes.

Leisa left BTAP in 2010 and immediately opened a private law firm where her practice is focused on family law and dependency. Much of her practice is also mediating working as a guardian ad litem in family cases. Leisa has enjoyed much success in private practice and attributes that success to providing clear client guidance, individualized services, client focus and an office staff who provides excellent customer service. Our practice has grown and diversified over the last several years. While she remains committed exclusively to managing the family law and dependency divisions, her business partner focuses on real estate and estate planning.

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