Sophie Frabotta – Self Love

Sophie Frabotta Self LoveSophie Frabotta (Fra-boat-a) is a life coach, spiritual entrepreneur, and possibilitarian. She has her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a specialty in Spiritual Psychology and works with six aspects of human existence: Body, emotions, mind, expression, spirit, and heart. (BE MESH)

Sophie is the founder of Awaken Life Coaching and specializes in teaching tools and solutions that awaken consciousness, create a life of empowerment, and open the door to personal freedom. She is known for the gift of naturally understanding what is going on inside of people, and helping them redirect their inner thoughts and feelings towards truth, optimism, and possibility!

She helps people understand how their life makes sense, whether it is what they want to live or not, she gets them in authentic touch with how they are contributing to their life and then helps them create what they are truly seeking.

She became passionate about the journey of self-development after she had her own life transformation and healed from anxiety, bulimia, and depression all of which resulted in a seventy pound weight loss and complete life transformation! Most importantly, Sophie encourages us to create a joyful life by accepting our true self, falling in love with who we are, and living life with an open heart!

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