Drs. Paul Maione and Melissa Bridges – Myths of Couples Counseling

Drs. Melissa Bridges and Paul MaioneDrs. Paul Maione and Melissa Bridges are licensed marriage and family therapists and co-founders of Couples on the Brink, a place where couples can get intensive help when they are in crisis and on the verge of splitting up. Over the last ten years they have helped hundreds of couples from around the country to repair, reconnect, and redefine their marriage or primary relationship. Their relationship changing intensive programs provide a viable option to traditional hourly counseling sessions for couples on the brink of splitting up.

Additionally, Drs. Maione & Bridges speak nationally and internationally at professional conferences in the field of marriage and family therapy and have appeared on numerous radio and television programs. Their work has been featured in several local news stories and they contribute as relationship consultants for CBS news here in South Florida.