Dr. Scott Roseff – Infertility 101

Dr. Scott Roseff InfertilityScott Roseff, MD is board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. He was the founder of and former director of reproductive medicine at a major medical center in NJ and practiced there for 17 years before relocating to South Florida 10 years ago. He holds memberships in numerous prestigious technical societies including the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and The Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He is an elected Fellow and Diplomate of The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dr. Roseff is also an ad-hoc reviewer for the journal “Fertility and Sterility”, an official journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Roseff believes his fertility-challenged patients deserve hand-holding and personalized, cutting-edge care. He will NOT rush you out of his office. When you see him, you’ll feel your questions have been answered and your concerns have been addressed to your total satisfaction. You will sense you’ve been treated like an intelligent human being. His practice philosophy is, “Do it once, do it right, and just make it work”!

Couples financial

Jennifer Gomez – Building a Financial Legacy as Partners

Couples financialJennifer Gomez, Esq. is an attorney licensed in Florida and New York, as well as the founder of the Law Offices of Jennifer Gomez, P.A. She assists clients on all matters related to estate planning including wills and trusts, charitable planning, retirement planning, elder care, asset protection, tax planning, and business planning. She has devoted her life to helping people protect what matters most to them. She believes in giving individuals and families peace of mind through preventative planning. With the backing of WealthCounsel, the preeminent organization of estate planning attorneys, she provides clients with state-of-the-art planning and the personal attention of a boutique law firm. Ms. Gomez has given back to the community through organizations such as Legal Aid, Saint Joseph’s Episcopal Church, and Tomorrow’s Rainbow. Ms. Gomez also frequently lectures on important legal topics for educational and civic organizations.

Post partum counseling

Latoya Carbonell – How to Support Mother/Woman After Giving Birth

Post partum counselingLatoya Carbonell is a counselor that specializes in women’s issues, including infertility, postpartum depression, and self esteem. Her office is located in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Couples Corner Sex Therapiy

Dr. Virginia Crist – Let’s Talk about Sex! Everything You Want To Know About Sex

Couples Corner Sex TherapiyDr.Virginia Crist is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist in private practice in beautiful Boca Raton. She enjoys seeing individuals and couples who are motivated to lead
happier lives. Dr. Crist offers the “LOVE RE-IGNITED” Intensives for those couples who are looking to transform their relationship in a very powerful way and have an Ultimate Outcome. She passionately commits herself to creating a life transforming experience for every person she sees.

Dr. Crist was awarded “Best Counselor of Boca Raton” for 2014.

She has been invited as a guest speaker for appearances on TV and live news as the expert and radio talk shows over 58 times, and as a live speaker countless times all over South FL.

Couples Counseling Coral Springs

Jessica Jefferson – Tips for Keeping the Love Alive for Military Couples

Couples Counseling Military CouplesJessica Jefferson is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and owner of Cloud Nine Therapeutic Services with offices in Planation and Coral Springs, Florida. She enjoys working with individuals, couples and families find the silver lining in their relationships. She particularly enjoys working with expecting couples and the military population. As a military brat, she has been immersed in military culture and customs. As a graduate student and evolving therapist, she has done extensive amount of research in providing therapeutic services to this population. She is passionate about helping military families and couples in every way possible and is looking to educate the mental health field about how to best serve this population as a way to give back for their sacrifice.

A few fun facts about Jessica: she is a pseudo comic book geek, has recently done her first sky dive, and loves to do arts and crafts.

You can watch Jessica’s interview below!

Couples Counseling Coral Springs

Idit Sharoni – Creating the Right Amount of Space between Partners that Allows both Connection and Freedom

Couples Counseling Space for CouplesIdit Sharoni is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in south Florida. She received her Master of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy degree from Nova Southeastern University. She specializes in couple’s therapy and developed highly effective programs for couples counseling. Idit is also a Certified Hypnotherapist – a skill that allows her to work in more avenues with some of her clients.

Idit spent thousands of hours working with couples and families helping enhance one relationship at a time. Helping couples is her mission, therefore she has been focused on getting couples to enjoy thriving, fulfilling, and loving relationships, as she believes they deserve. Idit has advanced training in marriage & family therapy modals, and makes sure to stay updated on the most cutting edge couples therapy modals out there. Her post graduate training in couples therapy include the Gottman Institute, Esther Perer, Terry Real, and more.

Some fun facts…
Idit speaks English and Hebrew fluently, she served 2 years in the army as a commander of male rookies, she has been married for 20 years, and her teenage kids sometimes say she’s pretty cool for a mom…

And… when she’s not in therapy with clients, writing blog posts, or presenting in public events, she can be found re-energizing herself at the hottest hot-yoga studio in town, or simply enjoying an evening at her South Florida home with her beautiful kids, loving husband, and cute Bichon Frize named Snowflake.

Idit is the owner and founder of Idit Sharoni LLC – a boutique private practice in North Miami Beach / Aventura area where she provides her services to couples from Miami Dade and Broward County.
For more information, see her website www.iditsharoni.com or call 954-701-0854

Couples Time Together Beating Boredom

10 Ways for Couples to Beat Boredom

As we say goodbye to the long and lazy days of July, which coincidentally was National Anti-Boredom Month. For those of you who may be feeling the weight of all the free time summer has to offer, you may also be searching for things to do with your spouse or partner. Here, you’ll find 10 ways for couples to beat boredom. 


Summer time is the perfect time to finish up those little (or large) house projects you and your partner have been putting off. Paint the guest bedroom that new color. But don’t stop there! Once you’ve completed your project, celebrate that success and your teamwork with your partner.

2. Celebrate the little things

Kids away at camp? Celebrate! Planned and executed a (semi) successful family vacation? Celebrate! No matter the size of the event, celebrate your success. While not everything may warrant popping an expensive bottle of champagne, simply thinking about your success can do wonders.

3. Host a BBQCouples Time Together Beating Boredom

July 4th may have passed but that’s no reason not to have friends and family over for some quality time (Especially since you may have a new deck patio to use or a refreshed guest room in need of some guests, if you followed tip

4. Build a Sand Castle

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach or even a lake, building a sand castle with your loved one can be fun.  You might even consider this a metaphor for your current relationship, as all relationships take work and the stability of your sand castle will depend largely on how strongly you’ve built your foundation. For those of you who may be landlocked this summer with little to no sand in sight, stop by Michaels to pick up some sand or make you own!

5. Pokemon GO

I can’t believe I am even suggesting this, but this tip comes from a couple I actually work with.  Before Pokemon GO the wife walked the neighborhood by herself with the kids.  Intro Pokemon GO she and her husband went from 0 walks a week to 3 together.  A cool way for technology to bring some fun and exercise to a couple.  

6. Get Outdoors

Get outdoors with your loved one. Water sports, like paddle boarding and kayaking, can be more enjoyable when you’re hot and sweaty, as the water will more than likely cool you off rather than chill you like during some colder months. Hiking nature trails early before it gets too hot may show you some local flora and fauna you’ve never dreamed you’d see.

7. See a movie

Summers are known for their blockbuster and family hits, so spend an afternoon at the theaters with your partner. Not big on theaters? Try watching a movie at home, with some popped popcorn, blankets, drinks of your choice, and lights dimmed. It’s all about attitude when it comes to beating the boredom and even something most of us take for granted.

8. Wash the Car

Chores? Over the summer? Forget it! But not just yet. There’s a reason films like Bad Teacher and Charlie’s Angels feature car wash scenes. There’s something sultry about getting soapy with your significant other and being able to spray them with water.

9. Expand Your Knowledge

It is a great time to take a course with your partner.  How is your financial health?   Perhaps take a course on estate planning, retirement, investing, cooking, etc.  I know some of those don’t sound sexy but they can be very important and necessary in the legacy of your family and relationship.  

10. Take it to 2 Wheels

Bicycling is a great way to spend summertime and the health benefits are just an added bonus. Wedding Crashers shows how much fun a summertime bike ride can be with someone you love. Break out the bikes, break out a sweat, and get moving!  Rent a 2 seater bike and bike together, go teamwork.

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Sofia Robirosa – Going from Couplehood to Parenthood

Sofia-Robirosa-smSofia Robirosa is the owner of Infinite Therapeutic Services and is a Relationships & Parenting Expert with a particular interest in helping young couples in the transition to parenthood. Her private practice is located in Plantation, FL. She attended Nova Southeastern University for both her bachelor and master degrees in marriage and family therapy and in business administration. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a Leader in Active Parenting for children and teens, an evidenced based program. She is also a certified addictions professional (CAP). She is a passionately committed therapist, who thoroughly takes pride and joy from her job. She enjoys working with a culturally diverse population, and is bilingual in Spanish and English. She is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and an active volunteer of the Broward Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She loves her family, which is consisted of her husband, daughter, and two dogs. Some of her interests outside of work include spending time outdoors, traveling, and dining. Read more about her at: www.infinitetherapeuticservices.com and follow her on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/infinitetherapy/

Coral Springs Couples Counseling Sex Therapy

Putting the Spark Back in your Sex Life

Coral Springs Couples Counseling Sex Therapy What would you say if I told you that you have all the answers to solve your relationship frustrations with you at this very moment? What would you say if I told you the biggest sex organ was not between your legs but between your ears? Pretty crazy, huh? Not as much as you’d think. I had a chance to sit down with Dr. Amy Demner, a clinical sexologist, for a recent episode of my series Couples Corner and below is a recap of what we discussed. She helped get to the route of putting the spark back in your sex life.

We’re all managers

You read that right. Whether you like it or not, right now you’re a manager, and your spouse is too. But what exactly are you managing? Your life. It’s the comfortable (or not so, in some cases) place we find ourselves in after years of learning how to manage getting through daily life. Some might even liken it to autopilot. We become so accustomed to the routine and what to expect, that it changes the dynamic of our relationship from how it was in the beginning. A new relationship is exactly that: it’s new, it’s exciting, we’re trying to figure our partner out, while also letting them figure us out as well.

If you want to bring the spark back into your relationship, you need to retrain your brain. This requires a little bit of practice. Dr. Demner gives an examples of how changing the automatic thoughts in our brain surrounding our spouse or partner (like “I wish he’d picked up that wet towel off the floor “ to “You know, he smelled really nice this morning”) can actually act as a mental primer for better sex even before we make it into the bedroom.

We’re also mechanics

You might be thinking to yourself, “I thought we were managers, now we’re mechanics?”. Well, it turns out, we’re both. If I had to guess, I’d guess that these are two careers you never expected yourself to have in your life and here, you’d already had them twice, in the same relationship.

Dr. Demner talks about how over time, as we become better at managing our lives, our families, and our relationships, we lose that initial interest and our sex becomes mechanical. We’ve figured out what works, what doesn’t work, what buttons to push, and we lose the simplest but most meaningful way to connect with our partner: through a kiss. An atmosphere of fun and silliness can make a world of difference in the bedroom and change the whole way you and your partner connect.

And lastly… the repairman…

For couples who do not follow the above strategies in their relationship, who engage in more negative than positive thinking and fail to find those little moments in which they can connect, Dr. Demner provides the following advice on how to repair, or mend, and relationship:

Resolve other issues to resolve sex issues.

Frustrations about the little things have a funny way of bleeding into other areas of our lives (i.e. our sexual relationships) and becoming evening bigger things. Appreciating your partner, inside and outside the bedroom, has a way of easing tensions and creating a more pleasant atmosphere within the relationship.

So there you have it, a quick recap of our time on the Couple’s Corner. Watch the full video here and for more great videos, visit our webpage The Couple’s Corner