Carolann Mazza – Collaborative Divorce

Carolann Mazza is a family attorney and a Florida Supreme Court certified family law mediator who helps divorcing and separating couples handle their family conflicts in a healthier, private, and less expensive way. She works solely with couples who choose out of court process options to resolve their family dispute. Carolann believes the destructive nature of divorce and other break-ups, and the resulting unresolved conflicts, can lead to a vicious cycle of court involvement for the family. This is particularly damaging to the children. Processes such as Collaborative Divorce help keep the family out of court and allow them to resolve their differences with dignity, respect, promoting open and honest dialogue where emotions are recognized and addressed.

Carolann Mazza Collaborative DivorceIn her other life, when Carolann is not practicing family law, she runs, kayaks, paddle boards, and loves to do jigsaw puzzles. She is also learning Italian so she can understand what her husband is saying about her.

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You can watch Carolann’s webisode below and learn more about collaborative divorce!