Christopher Bruce – Creating Your Ideal Life After Divorce

Christopher R. Bruce is a divorce lawyer and appellate lawyer for divorce cases and has been for nearly all of his legal career. His practice is predominately limited to representing his South Florida clients in divorce and child custody matters. He is the author of The Best Divorce, a book explaining common-sense strategies for resolving divorce matters on fair terms, as soon as possible.

Couples Corner Chris Bruce DivorceChris has long enjoyed the pleasure of practicing in partnership with Matthew S. Nugent and Adam M. Zborowski. Their law firm, Nugent Zborowski & Bruce, is a four lawyer firm located in North Palm Beach, Florida, with a practice limited to representing clients in divorce and child custody cases.

Chris is a native of Palm Beach County, Florida, and a graduate of Palm Beach Gardens High School. Outside of the office, and spending time with his family, his passion is saltwater fishing and marine conservation. Chris enjoys participating in South Florida billfish tournaments and being part of the Florida Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association.



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