Susanne Mealer – The Impact of Trauma on Relationships

Susanne R. Mealer, LCSW, CHT is a licensed psychotherapist, trauma expert and certified clinical hypnotherapist. Susanne is in private practice in Davie, Florida and owner of South FL Center for Growth & Healing where she primarily works with clients who are suffering from symptoms related to trauma, PTSD, dissociation (including dissociative identity disorder or DID), physical, sexual, emotional, verbal and spiritual abuse, loss, anxiety, depression and issues related to first responders and military.

The Couples Corner Trauma RelationshipsIn addition, Susanne holds advanced and trainer certifications in Rapid Reduction Technique® and Incorporation Therapy, she is a clinical supervisor, best-selling author, international speaker and presenter and proud volunteer with Give an Hour to Veterans and their families.

Susanne independently immigrated from Denmark to the United States at the age of 20. Her choice of specialties has been influenced by her own personal experiences and also by her role as spouse of a law enforcement officer. When she is not working, Susanne spends her time with their two rambunctious and energetic dogs and she is an avid runner and workout enthusiast.

You can watch Susanne’s interview on The Couples Corner below!