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Protect Yourself with a Prenup

Recently, on The Couples Corner, we had the chance to sit down with Elizabeth Edwards, a family law attorney in South Florida and discussed prenuptial agreements. While a taboo topic for many, it is important to consider a prenuptial agreement as part of your “wedding budget”.  It can be a helpful in setting the foundation for a successful and stress free future.

Prenuptial AgreementElizabeth highlights that a prenuptial agreement can help couples figure out what would be done in case of a divorce or death. Couples and marital assets, those assets acquired during the marriage, can be subject to certain laws in the event of a divorce. While divorce is something most couples never hope for, having a prenuptial agreement protects both individuals in the unfortunate event of a separation.

Prenuptial agreements include information and decisions on what is done with assets acquired both during, and prior to, the marriage, alimony, and how marital debt will be resolved. Elizabeth mentions that anything relating to children is not included in a prenuptial agreement and temporary attorneys fees and temporary alimony cannot be waived by a prenup, only final attorneys fees and alimony can be waived by a prenup but almost anything else can be included in your prenuptial agreement.

Any business created while you’re married is considered a marital asset and if there is no prenuptial agreement, that business can be divisible in the divorce. Similarly, if a spouse adds the other onto the deed of a house owned prior to the marriage, the house is considered a marital asset.

Elizabeth recommends that talking about prenuptial agreements early on, perhaps even with the help of a counselor, will help couples in the long run. She stresses that prenuptial agreements are less about attacking the other person and more about protection both individuals in the relationship. Elizabeth can be reached at

Carolann Mazza Collaborative Divorce

Carolann Mazza – Collaborative Divorce

Carolann Mazza is a family attorney and a Florida Supreme Court certified family law mediator who helps divorcing and separating couples handle their family conflicts in a healthier, private, and less expensive way. She works solely with couples who choose out of court process options to resolve their family dispute. Carolann believes the destructive nature of divorce and other break-ups, and the resulting unresolved conflicts, can lead to a vicious cycle of court involvement for the family. This is particularly damaging to the children. Processes such as Collaborative Divorce help keep the family out of court and allow them to resolve their differences with dignity, respect, promoting open and honest dialogue where emotions are recognized and addressed.

Carolann Mazza Collaborative DivorceIn her other life, when Carolann is not practicing family law, she runs, kayaks, paddle boards, and loves to do jigsaw puzzles. She is also learning Italian so she can understand what her husband is saying about her.

You can read more about Carolann’s recommendations for collaborative divorce on our blog, Stop, Collaborate, and Divorce.

You can watch Carolann’s webisode below and learn more about collaborative divorce!





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Elizabeth Edwards – Prenuptial Agreements

Elizabeth M. Edwards is a family law attorney and is certified as a Florida Supreme Court Family Law Mediator. Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology prior to attending Law School. Elizabeth’s background and training helped shape her understanding of the stress of separation, divorce, and the legal process. She utilizes that compassion and understanding with each and every one of her clients to help relieve the stress that the legal process causes.

Couples Counseling Coral SpringsElizabeth prides herself in her ability to settle complex cases without the need for prolonged litigation. However, when litigation is necessary, Elizabeth has the experience, knowledge, and skills to achieve positive results for her clients. Elizabeth is passionately dedicated to providing zealous and proficient legal representation in all types of family law matters.

Elizabeth is admitted to the Florida Bar and the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida. She is a member of the Broward County and South Palm Beach County Bar Associations, and is a member of the Florida Bar Family Law Section and Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.

Check out our recap of Elizabeth on The Couples Corner in Protect Yourself with a Prenup and watch her episode below.


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Give Your Relationship a “Labor Day”

If I asked you what Labor Day and your relationship have in common, how would you answer the question? It might be hard at first. Read below to find out why it’s so important to give your relationship a “Labor Day”. 

Unlike other holidays throughout the year, like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Veteran’s Day, Labor Day is one of those holidays which gets a lot of love but little understanding. Created during the Industrial Revolution, when twelve hour days, seven days a work was the normal working schedule for the average American, Labor Day was meant to honor workers and provide a much needed day of rest.Couples Counseling Coral Springs

What does Labor Day mean to us now? For many couples and families it’s a welcome day off from work, right after the start of the school year in some parts of the country.

So what does this have to do with your relationship? Recently, I began rewatching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and I found myself noticing how often the theme of career versus relationships or families was referenced. The title character struggles with how her childhood was marked by frequent absences from her mother, due to her demanding career as a surgeon.

It seems many couples fail to understand, or understand yet fail to act on, the idea of a relationship being largely like a job; a good job, hopefully, but a job none the less. A job is something that requires you to show up, be present, focus on tasks, and commit to seeing through to its completion. Sounds nothing like a relationship, does it? I beg to differ. Relationships are work; again, hopefully good work, yet work all the same.

Couples who struggle with intimacy and romance in later years often cite similar complaints: “The romance is gone” or “He/she simply doesn’t try anymore” maybe even, “It’s not like it was when we first started dating.” That initial spark which initially attracted the two of you together has slowly dimmed and gone are the days of couples taking the extra time or effort on one another. Couples may find the little things they do for each other taken for granted and unrecognized.

Just like Labor Day was created to acknowledge the hard work of the average American, couples should create time or ways to acknowledge one another’s hard work in the relationship. Each couple will find a different way of creating this time or way of showing appreciation to one another and below are some ideas to get your started on the path of appreciation with your partner:

  • Create a morning ritual
    • Most couples may have the same work schedule of 9 to 5; for those that don’t, getting quality time together before or after work can be a challenge. Something as simple as making a pot of coffee or preparing breakfast if your partner wakes after you can positively impact the rest of your partner’s day and your relationship. If you’re lucky enough to have mornings together, use an extra few minutes to share that cup of coffee or breakfast and start your day connecting.
  • Say “Thank You”
    • In my blog “Top 10 Tips for Saving Your Marriage” I write about ways couples can strengthen the relationship and tip number five is “Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude”. You’d be surprised how much of a difference a simple “Thank you” can make in a person’s day. Test it out: thank one of your co-workers for taking out the trash or getting something to you on time. Notice how it changes the interaction between the two of you. Then, test it out on your partner.
  • Dismiss distractions
    • Experts agree the bed and bedroom should be reserved for only two activities: sleeping and sex. If you find yourself with your TV, iPad, tablet, laptop, or even cell phone ignoring your spouse as you surf the web, take a break from electronics in the bedroom. See if you can go at least three days without electronics in the bedroom and talk to your spouse before going to sleep. Your quality of sleep won’t be the only thing that improves.
  • Anywhere but here
    • It might be too tempting to fall into everyday routines at home; there are chores to complete and easy access to all your (de)vices. Schedule a getaway for you and your partner (even if it’s a small staycation, a one night stay at a local hotel). This one requires a bit of commitment and planning on your part, unless both you and your partner are spontaneous and enjoy last minute decisions. Labor Day is a perfect time of your for a short getaway.

No one wants to think of their relationship as work; yet to ignore the fact that relationships take work would do a disservice to you and your partner, creating resentment and anger in the relationship. This Labor Day, instead of focusing on the barbeques and all the chores you’ll catch up on around the house, take a moment to focus on your relationship. If the chores are done with your partner, great! Just don’t forget about your partner and the hard work he or she is putting in the relationship. If you find yourself feeling like perhaps you or your partner need a little boost bigger than just Labor Day, I’m always here to chat, Katie Lemieux, LMFT

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