A Thanksgiving Gratitude List

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches this week, I decided to create a list of things I am grateful for.  I am sure this list could continue to expand but in one sitting these are the fun things that came to mind. What better way to express gratitude than on Thanksgiving?

What better way to welcome the holiday than to explore, appreciate, feel and experience the gratitude I have for so many things.  You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to create a gratitude list you can do it is part of your daily ritual. I do mine with my morning meditation.  You can also do this as part of your evening or dinner ritual with your spouse, partner or even kids.  When we shift our focus and experience the things that we are grateful for it begins to shift our perspective and experience of the world.  “Where attention goes, energy flows!” ~ James Redfield

  1. Speaking of meditation I found this great link that I listen to during my meditation – https://youtu.be/w6sbrmcrSuo
  2. The meaning of “Om”
  3. My dog Charlotte she came into our lives at the perfect time as 5 weeks later we had to say an unexpected goodbye to our loving and kind dog, Destiny.  
  4. Quiet times at home by myself
  5. The Movies!!!  I love watching movies.
  6. Shelly Does – one of my current fav YouTube instructors
  7. My marriage
  8. The evolution of my relationship
  9. The evolution of myself in my relationship
  10. The pioneers in the field of relationships as it has made me a better person, partner and spouse
  11. My spouse
  12. My parents
  13. My adult relationships with my parents
  14. Four legged furry animals that bring people so much joy
  15. Living in Florida
  16. Thinking about how amazing the world really is.  Sometimes I get lost in thinking of all the amazing things humans have created.  
  17. Wind
  18. The beach
  19. My upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon – bucket list item – CHECK
  20. Firepits
  21. Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks
  22. Pumpkin and Salt Caramel flavorings
  23. Halloween
  24. Events, shows and concerts – going to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra play this year
  25. Bike riding
  26. Meditation
  27. Youtube
  28. The internet
  29. Going inward
  30. Photography
  31. Art shows
  32. Friendships
  33. Water
  34. Ice tea
  35. Ethos – one of my most favorite restaurants in the area I love – delish!
  36. My business partner
  37. My assistant
  38. People overall – I see people as good and wanting to help and guess what they show up that way
  39. Discounts, deals and COUPONS!
  40. Reading
  41. Pinterest – making a curry butternut squash recipe this evening for dinner.
  42. Brene Brown
  43. Candles
  44. My home
  45. Possibilities
  46. Brighton
  47. DSW
  48. My comfy bed
  49. The time I get to spend with my family when they visit
  50. The laugh and giggles of children and babies

I would love to hear and learn about what you are grateful for, drop me a line at Katie@FamilyAndCouplesCounseling.com.  

For more gratitude, check out the vlog below on What We Are Grateful for When It Comes to Relationships!

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