Sheryl A. Moore, Esq. – The Right Time to Introduce Kids to your New Significant Other

Sheryl Moore is a board certified marital and family attorney practicing exclusively in the family law arena for clients from the Florida Keys to the Palm Beaches. Ms. Moore provides confidential, assertive, family focused, and intelligent legal and practical advice in complex family situations such as divorce, post-divorce, alimony/child support/parenting plan modifications, paternity, and prenuptial agreement matters.

The Couples Corner Sheryl Moor, Esq.She frequently engages other professionals and experts to assist her clients and their family members in navigating the many challenges associated with family disputes. Ms. Moore is an active member of our state and local legal community, she is committed to local charitable organizations such as the Dolphins Cancer Challenge and MS, she is a Daughter of the American Revolution, a very proud mother to her adopted son, and a triathlete.