Couples Corner Divorce or Mediation

Is Divorce the Only Option?

This week on The Couples Corner we had the pleasure to chat with Leisa Wintz, a family law attorney, about mediation as an option for couples who wish to divorce, and whether or not divorce is the only option. Leisa’s background is unique in that she holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy […]

Coral Springs Premarital Counseling

3 Reasons Why You Should Do Premarital Counseling

This episode of The Couples Corner, we had the opportunity to sit down with Michelle Scharlop, LMFT of Plantation Relationship Counseling and discuss the benefits of premarital counseling, including three tips for those thinking about getting married or anyone who is already engaged. Focus on the Relationship Wedding planning can be a stressful time in […]

Couples Time Together Beating Boredom

10 Ways for Couples to Beat Boredom

As we say goodbye to the long and lazy days of July, which coincidentally was National Anti-Boredom Month. For those of you who may be feeling the weight of all the free time summer has to offer, you may also be searching for things to do with your spouse or partner. Here, you’ll find 10 […]

Coral Springs Couples Counseling Sex Therapy

Putting the Spark Back in your Sex Life

What would you say if I told you that you have all the answers to solve your relationship frustrations with you at this very moment? What would you say if I told you the biggest sex organ was not between your legs but between your ears? Pretty crazy, huh? Not as much as you’d think. […]

A Transformation of Love Through Time

Dr. Sue Johnson, renowned psychologist, therapist, author, and presenter postulates that throughout time, love is continually transformed. Before modern society as we currently know it, families lived off the land, working farms, and lived in small, close knit community villages. The main reason for marrying during this period of time was to inherit more land, […]

3 Ways to Stop Online Affairs

 1. Protect Your Status The first step Dr. Richardson-Quamina recommends in preventing an online affair is to protect your relationship status. We all remember the pivotal scene in 2010’s “The Social Network” when Jesse Eisenberg’s character realizes that the one thing that will make his online platform completely ready for use: relationship status. When you […]

Couples Therapy

When One Partner Refuses Counseling

“You can’t make me go!”

That’s something you’d expect to hear from your toddler not your spouse, yet I hear it all the time. Rather, I hear that’s what my client hears all the time.

Marriage counseling after infidelity

Can Your Relationship Recover From An Affair?

One of my favorite movies is “Gone Girl” the 2014 psychological thriller starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. The movie is based off the 2012 book of the same name, written by Gillian Flynn, which chronicles the relationship between the two main characters and the aftermath which ensues following Amy’s discovery of Nick’s extramarital affair. […]


5 Ways to Change How You Communicate

Communication is key. If you Google search communication tips, you’ll find dozens of websites with ideas and advice on how to increase your communication. Perhaps that’s what lead you here. The desire for improved communication in any relationship is strong. Before we dive into my top 5 tips for improved communication, let’s take a minute […]


Top 10 Tips for Saving Your Marriage

Looking for tips to save your marriage? Look no further. Here are top 10 tips for saving your marriage. 1. Want It The number one tip for saving your marriage is that you, and your partner, have to WANT to save the marriage. It sounds counterintuitive, and you may even say, “I wouldn’t be reading […]


How a Quick Smoke Break Helps You and Your Love

I’m sure you’re probably wondering, especially if you aren’t a smoker, how taking a cigarette break can help your relationship. As a couples counselor I’ve come to learn that couples who stay consistently connected throughout the day and week have more satisfying and longer lasting relationships. This information is also supported by current research in […]


9 Tips Teens and Parents Should Know About Conflict

Being a teen is wicked challenging as it is.  It’s a period of life that is filled with emotional, mental,  physical, social, and sometimes, spiritual changes, challenges, and turmoil. Between all of the dances, sports, hobbies, social difficulties, who to trust, who not to trust, social media, balancing your life, and feeling that adults don’t […]


15 MORE Ways to Make Your Relationship Sizzle This Summer”

I know you are probably reading the title and asking yourself, “Where did I miss the original 15 ways to make my relationship sizzle?”  Guess what you haven’t!  If you like this fun list of ideas and want more at the end of this blog just click on the hyperlink to get an additional 15 ways, 30 in all!  We always love to hear your feedback, so feel free to let us know how these ideas made your love life sizzle this summer. 

1.      Have a day with no agenda – the only 2 things on it should be the 2 of you.

2.    Check out a live band or….


What Does a Pina Colada Have to Do With Rediscovering Your Partner…

As a couples counselor my work is profoundly rewarding. I love being the catalyst that reignites a spark between the couples I work with deepening their connection, love, intimacy, friendship, understanding and compassion for one another.  The majority of the work I do is…


3 Important Areas – How Your Relationship Affects Your Children

I bet you have often wondered how your relationship with your mate impacts your children.  I am sure it has crossed your mind multiple times especially during a family crisis, feelings of depression, or maybe because of the tension that you are trying to shield your kids from. Whatever the reason, let’s talk about it because if you are a parent I am sure you have wondered about it from time to time.  As you can imagine family psychology stresses that your relationship with your partner is extremely important. Gone are the days and the beliefs that…